We check the prices of hundreds of competitors regularly, to ensure that we always give you the most competitive prices possible.

We know price is really important, and that's why we put so much effort into getting it right. We check and match the online and shop prices of our competitors.

If you find the same product cheaper, supplied by a UK authorised dealer, boxed and in stock, we will endeavour to match their price prior to purchase, as long as their service conditions are comparable.

Comparable service conditions include factors such as:

  • Delivery charges and timescales
  • Guarantee terms
  • Fitting or installation services, including accreditation of fitters, scope of workmanship, materials used and timescales
  • Where the stock originates from, i.e. grey imports
  • Company going into administration or closing down
  • Physically In Stock

So, if you see a product priced cheaper elsewhere, please contact us by emailing us at and we will try to match the price for you.

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